There is nothing richer by the opportunities, than emptiness.

Stanislav Lem

Date and time

Let's conditionally group fundamental cells in clusters on n pieces. Then to a cluster there will correspond the tensor which is the sum of the fundamental tensors describing these cells: . If , a condition of a cluster – vacuum.
Energy is collective, statistical concept therefore for its existence it is necessary to consider sufficient number of fudls and chronons. What minimum number of fudls and chronons is necessary that the concept of energy was steadily created? Counterquestion: and what minimum quantity of grains of sand is necessary to form a heap of sand? Whether there is such number K, what at K it the heap is more narrow, and at K − 1 – yet not a heap?

The relativity theory and quantum mechanics are right in rather wide scales. The knowledge of fundamental laws will do only good to these theories. Of course, some settled views should be rejected resolutely. It will lead to economy of appliances as the unpromising directions of researches will be closed.

The vacuum and matter differ only with a degree of order of oscillations and the directions of fudls.
Condition of absolute vacuum unstably as the fluctuations of oscillometric and transmitting activity of fudls leading to self-organization therefore autowaves – zero fluctuations of vacuum are formed, the virtual particles, resonances, a neutrino with a zero rest-mass and photons are inevitable. This spontaneous radiation – the background quantum noise of vacuum which is inaccurately taken for relict radiation.
The vacuum does not possess the hidden energy. In it it is exactly so much energy, how many it contains in the fields which are available in it.

Gravitation is polarization of fudls on time.
The hypothetical Observer can draw a conclusion on existence of a gravitational field if finds out that in some rather big area of the Lattice in some chronon proostsillirovat not precisely 50% of fudls of this area. Also it can trace one fudl during many chronons.
If the fudl is polarized on time, for chronons it proostsillirut not precisely times. It is more correct to consider rather larger area of the Lattice for rather large number of chronons.
The gravitational field can be both static, and wave.
Permanent fields (gravitational, electric, magnetic) extend with infinitely high speed.

Wave fields extend with a light speed.
Information cannot be transferred with infinitely high speed as any modulation of a signal inevitably leads to emergence of waves that is proved by a Fourier-series expansion of the modulated signal.

It is supposed that heavy bodies press through space, and bodies more lungs roll down in "holes". However in order that the body even if superlarge, pressed through space, is necessary that it in the direction of space was affected by some force. If it is gravitational force, where that body which creates it?! If in routine conditions on an elastic film to put a heavy sphere, it presses through its not in itself, and under the influence of terrestrial gravitation. In an imponderability as much as large freight not the superposed force in the direction of this film does not deform a film, if to it. In drawings the three-dimensional space is represented in the form of space twodimensional. For descriptive reasons such, of course, it is admissible, however, physical three-dimensional bodies are represented for some reason as spheres, that is as bodies, in principle drawing, four-dimensional there. Less large bodies also attract to themselves bodies more large (inclination is relatively!) so the second also have to roll down in the "holes" which are pressed through the first. Does not follow from drawings of it. The concept considering a field as polarization of discrete space – of Lattice – has to lead automatically to a conclusion about existence of the relative inclination of the bodies possessing mass.

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