The regularity is more fundamental, the more simply it can be formulated.

Pyotr Kapitsa

Date and time

I formulated three Fundamental Postulates:
1) quantizations; 2) oscillations; 3) interactions.
They describe "the beginnings of the beginnings" of all real more exhaustively.

Postulate of quantization: There is minimum, discrete, absolutely invariant, directional element of length – fudl (from Russian "фундаментальная длина" – "fundamental'naya dlina" – "fundamental length").
There is minimum, discrete, absolutely invariant time interval – chronon.

Postulate of oscillations: Fudl is a fundamental stochastic oscillator. Every chronon it with probability of P = 1/2 spontaneously changes the direction to the opposite.

Postulate of interactions: Oscillated fudl with probability of P = 1/2 stimulates oscillations of fudls, adjacent to it.
Not oscillated fudl with probability of P = 1/2 suppresses oscillations of fudls, adjacent to it.

The Postulate of quantization is superfluous: the chronon could be not postulated as it is a consequence of dynamics of fudls. It is mentioned for convenience of the formulation of the Postulate of oscillations here.
The directional element of length is chosen as a fundamental element of space from reasons of its sufficiency for creation of a polarizable lattice.
The chronon passed as soon as at least one fudl made an oscillation.
Not time operates oscillations, and oscillations operate time.
A fudl is indivisible and unyielding. It can be in one of two available states: it is focused or in the direction of the axis, or against. In the intermediate provisions it does not happen. Direction change of a fudl occurs theoretically instantly.

Fudls are mediators of the interactions. These are objects more mathematical, than physical – therefore the question of the mechanism of their interactions is inappropriate. Interactions extend theoretically instantly on all infinite Lattice as nothing constrains them. Fudls do not need any energy neither for oscillations, nor for interactions as energy is concept of more high scale and organizational level.

Despite simplicity, Postulates are sufficient for formation of an actual picture of the Universe. All physical laws and constants are their consequence. I am convinced of the correctness, and I want that my adherents strictly proved my statements.