A fact acquires its true and full value only through the idea which is developed from it.

Justus von Liebig

Date and time

The Hypothetical Observer will be useful to us to carrying out imaginary experiments. He is capable to see fudls, to mark (to number) them, to trace their oscillations, to change their oscillating and transmitting activities, to move with any speed in space and in time, to change the space and temporary scales.
If necessary, observers can be a little. They can communicate instantly with each other on the special channels, without mentioning thus fudls.
We allocated the Hypothetical Observer with these properties as we have to imagine the fudls as oscillating, the interacting labeled (numbered) arrows and we are not able to afford to wait for fluctuations long.
The Hypothetical Observer cannot insert, delete, move and deform fudls.
The Hypothetical Observer can change the sizes and flow rate of the time. The subjects which are available for it thus in proportion change together with him.
The hypothetical Observer, his things, and also tags (checks) on fudls – pseudo-objects. The continuous space in which the Fundamental Lattice and pseudo-objects – pseudo-space are located. Onboard time of the Hypothetical Observer – pseudo-time.