Life – a way of existence of one bodies at the expense of a survival of others.

Boris Krutier

Date and time

My concept supports idea of emergence of life in the natural way. Other way simply is not present.
Life arose owing to a chain reaction of self-organization of a matter. Therefore for emergence and development of life rather small (on cosmological scales) term.
Life – rather widespread phenomenon in the Universe.
After death of an organism does not remain any incorporeal substance (soul). Only his ability to feelings can "reincarnate" after death of an individual; and, it does not remain former. It can "move" in any (at all optional in again given rise organism, reasonable) capable to feelings. "Housewarming" happens absolutely in a random way. Any memoirs (including, subconscious) about "antecedents" does not remain.
It is very undesirable to experiment "transformation" as it is possible to appear in much more than the inferior conditions! And that, hoping for good luck, experiment can be repeated, you simply will not know, after all memories of "antecedents" are not present.
The existential interval between "two lives" can be as much as larger, even the infinite. Thus, return to the past is impossible as physical time is irreversible.
Immortality of both a separate organism, and population in general even if the conditions, favorable for life, will be constantly met is impossible.