There are no rules, no models; rather, there are no rules other than the general laws of Nature.

Victor Hugo

Date and time

The Universe existed eternally and will eternally exist. It is not closed and, its sizes are infinite. Thus its cooperative mass and energy are equal to zero (the total mass and energy defect). In general, the Universe is uniform. It does not progress and does not regress.

The concept of the Fundamental Lattice does not give any grounds for possibility of expansion (and also compression) the Universe. The Big Bang was not. "Relict" radiation, actually, is background electromagnetic noise of vacuum. Its range differs from a radiation spectrum of absolutely black body for the following reasons a little: to us come not only "newborn" "relict" photons but also which more or less "grew old"; the part of quanta on the way interacts with substance (it is absorbed, reradiated in other range); photons of other origin are added. These factors led scientists to an inaccurate conclusion about existence of several ages of the Big Bang.
The theory of the Big Bang is not entered in the new concept: for cosmological expansion simply there are no reasons.
Cosmological red shift is caused by "aging" of quanta, but not the Doppler effect.

Behind "the light horizon" there are no cosmological features. By the way, for each observer this horizon. Any observer is always located precisely in the center of "the" metagalaxy. Intergalactic travelers cannot be compared to twodimensional objects on the three-dimensional sphere. Here the analogy to ordinary travelers in fog of the uniform density is pertinent. In this case, as well as in the Universe, "the light horizon" is not legiblly outlined.
It is lawful to speak and about "the informational horizon". For particles, various on energy, it is various, as variously their lifetime. It would seem, especially high-energy particles can far get for "the light horizon". However such particles are unstable: there is the top threshold of energies. Here also relativistic delay of time as at near-light speeds the discrete structure of space and time has an effect that leads to ultrarelativistic quantum effects (destruction of particles, their regeneration, emergence of "escorts") will not help.
Thus, information dissipation takes place.
To dissipation it is subject as well gravitation, than the gravitational paradox speaks. The dissipation of gravitation leads to its easing quicker, than under the law of the inverse squares. For this reason objects, larger, than supercongestions of galaxies cannot be formed.

As in the Universe there is nothing eternal, except fudls and the Lattice consisting of them, in it there is an eternal circulation of a matter at the different levels of its organization.
New galaxies are formed by cold condensation of a matter of which the lost galaxies consisted earlier. And so, during the infinite number of cycles. The matter thus is updated out of communication with updating of galaxies.
Our Hypothetical Observer is capable to be had to infinitely remote past, even during the abstract era before emergence of the Lattice.
At the time of t=0 the Hypothetical Observer will find the instantaneous emergence of the Lattice. Thus, fudls will be chaotically directed on Lattice axes. As soon as Postulates of oscillations and interactions came into force – passed chronon, the first in the history of the Universe.
Of course, the Lattice existed always, however, the assumption of its "creation" in extremely remote past will allow to consider theoretically process of formation of the hypothetical "newborn" Universe.
Apparently, its any global expansion cannot be and could not.
As geometrical object, the Lattice since the first moment of the existence had the modern appearance, but, formation of a present physical picture of the World required some period. Even if it is theoretically infinitely great, all the same presently the Universe is created finally as from the moment of t=0 passed eternity.
During the abstract era of formation of the Universe physical constants were not those as their values fluctuated.
The median number of the fundamental particles in unit volume also differed from present, and, was changeable. Than the modern the ratio of quantity of various particles was also other. Not at once space objects were created.
The above-stated statements are hypotheses. "Creation" of the Lattice took place in infinitely remote past. Evolution of the Universe came to the end infinitely long ago even if proceeded infinitely long.

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