It is necessary to have bravery to believe in the belief, differently the most interesting that could come to your mind, from you from under a nose will take away others, more brave spirit, but main is after all the only thing for the sake of what it is worth working really.

Norbert Wiener

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And this about me:

All history of science continually shows that individuals were more right in the statements, than the whole corporations of scientists or hundreds and thousands of researchers adhering to the dominating views … The truth quite often in bigger volume is opened for these scientific heretics, than orthodox representatives of scientific thought. Of course, not all groups and persons standing away from scientific outlook possess this great enlightenment of the future of human thought, and only some, the few. But the real people with the true scientific outlook, maximum for this time, always are among them, among the groups and persons which are standing apart among scientific heretics, but not among representatives of the dominating scientific outlook. It isn't fated to distinguish them from mistaking to contemporaries.

Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky

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