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A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

Max Planck

On this site my scientific conception is stated which should be developed to universal physical theory.
The Nature does not operate with formulas and terms, does not classify objects, can do without person.
Physical laws cannot exist in itself, in a separation from the carriers, and on carriers they have to be written down so that were carried out. If biological objects contain DNA and RNA in which the operating information is stored, in the abiotic there is no something similar. And it means that they submit to probability statistical laws. All naturallyscientific laws and constants are created by "gravity flow" from the elementary laws. Thanks to the Law of large numbers laws macro‑ and the megaworld, being probability and statistical, are carried out as determinant. Biological laws not an exception. Primely it is laws of more high organizational level.

The philosophic thesis on the material unity of the World means not only that all types of a matter, but also a matter and space are uniform. They consist of identical fundamental elements. The matter differs from conditionally void (vacuum) only in existence of strongly polarized areas of fundamental elements.
Fundamental element of space – subphysical object similar to a vector.
Fundamental Lattice – actually actual space – the infinite cubic lattice consisting of the elements of fundamental length which are her edges. In fact, it is a natural coordinate lattice of an absolute frame of reference. However this system "is imperceptible" for actual experiment as elements of fundamental length cannot be marked. In the virtual experiment the absolute frame of reference can be used, in principle. A problem only with a memory size of the computer and its quick action.

Apparently, because of the extremely mesh sizes elements of fundamental length are unobservable. It is a stumbling block from scientists as present criteria of scientific character demand possibility of carrying out actual experiments with the studied objects.

If we go deep into a microcosm, we will reach a limit of possibility of the supervision caused by "zero fluctuations of vacuum". We will see fluctuating "haze", to glance in which it is in essence impossible. The structures disappearing in this "haze" are a subject of studying of fundamental mechanics – mechanics of more deep, than quantum and subquantum. Objects of fundamental mechanics – subphysical objects which do not possess such properties as the weight and energy. Physical characteristics appear as a result of interactions of rather large number of subphysical objects throughout rather big (to microcosm measures) a time slice. To these objects the standard laws of physics are inapplicable.

Fundamental laws do not follow from any other laws therefore they cannot be output. They can only be postulated. My opponents claim that it is possible to postulate anything. Nevertheless, "anything" it is possible to choose the exact laws from huge number of it, of course, if they appear there. I acted by the principle of sufficient simplicity (Okkam's razor).
Verification of my concept by computer model operation is problematic as it is necessary to process data of trillions and trillions of elements of fundamental length throughout trillions and trillions of fundamental intervals of time. It is possible to confirm with smaller quantity only possibility of self-organization in the Fundamental Lattice, but to calculate even one fundamental particle – there will be neither memory, nor quick action at any terrestrial supercomputer. However, the Universe works as infinitely big and extremely rapid computer which according to the elementary program "Fundamental Postulates" in real time creates all richest variety of the World.

Other attempts of creation of the Theory of Everything sin with that in them rather composite objects and laws are adopted as fundamental.
In science the role of "a human factor" that does not promote the solution of fundamental problems is also great. Now the methodology is more important than truth!
Geographers of the past had a habit to add objects in the unknown areas at discretion. Something similar is observed in present physics. Thus, "that is allowed to Jupiter, it is not allowed to a bull": the "proper" scientists can think out new objects for an explanation of the problematic facts, and it is unimportant, they are mistaken or not, after all, the main thing – they arrive on "a scientific method"; and any innovation or support of "outdated" ideas by the "alternate" scientists causes the most severe criticism.


One of the factors which are slowing down development of physics is the anthropocentric thinking.
Criteria of scientific character provide checkability of the theory, that is presence of the experimenter.
However, laws of the Nature do not depend on our existence, knowledge of them and the attitude towards them at all.
In an astrophysics the fissile experiments are problematic for technical reasons.
Results of experiments and supervision are anyway interpreted by scientists. It is not excluded that is insecure.
Such criterion of scientific character as falsifiability at all without human face is impossible.
And still, there is a criterion of usefulness. For the person (itself, darling), certainly.

Primary, most deep laws of the Universe cannot be opened by scientific methods in their present comprehension as these laws from anything do not follow, and it is in essence impossible to observe their direct manifestation because of minimum possible space and temporary scales. These laws can only be postulated.
The unscientific path does not mean pseudoscientific yet (though some like to put between them equality sign).

That laws were carried out, they have to be written down, at least, somewhere, read and are understood by the performer. Besides, there has to be a certain mechanism preventing willfulness of the performer.
Physical laws, unlike legal, are carried out perfectly.
What, each fundamental particle stores in itself "the code of physical laws" or reads out them from external carriers?
Such particle would be more similar to the trained animal who is rigidly controlled by the tamer.

From the aforesaid it is logical to assume that physical laws are not written down anywhere, and are a statistical consequence of the elementary primary laws. From there is clear an impeccability of their realization.
So, physical laws and constants are formed in process, but are not laid up in advance.
In the press the delight concerning incredibly successful value of world constants meets (a pier, there are they though a little others – the World could not exist). Actually, these constants others cannot simply be.

Not so the idea "to digitize" the Universe and to present it in the matrix form is wild. Really, as the much as composite information can be provided as the ordered set of binary symbols. From there was an idea of a fundamental element which alternately is in one of two possible states.
This hypothesis will perfectly be coordinated with the thesis about the material unity of the World. Are uniform not only various forms of a matter, but also space and a matter. Simply the matter consists of enough ordered space elements.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to construct efficient system of the homogeneous elements. In our case uniformity is enriched with divergence of elements. These elements are no other than directional pieces of minimum possible length (that does not aspire to zero!). They are edges of cubic cells of the infinite space lattice. The three of basic vectors edges is compared to each such cell.

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